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20th-Aug-2009 10:25 pm - April Shower

from the outlook____

Name: Lee Seung Ri
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Eyes: Dark Caramel
Hair: Black

deep down inside____


Once had a family, only that it was taken away from him when his memory was destroyed, Seung Ri now currently resided in a small Chinese restaurant called "The Loft" owned by an old Chinese woman, who also took him in as her own grandchild. Seung Ri is a part time student at Seoul University and part time worker. He works for the old woman since that was the only way he feels could repay her for saving his life. Once a while he also help out at the local clubs and bars, earning some money to help pay for school.


Seung Ri, normally is very quiet and reserved. Very much obedient and faithful, Seung Ri always put his responsibilities first before himself. Working at the restaurants and clubs made him more lively and energetic. He moved around at a fast pace and like to be as productive to others as much as possible.


>>>Has a deep scar on the inside of his wrist, but he himself does not know its origin.
>>>Likes to walk around in the rain.
>>>Collects scented eraser.
>>>Is a vegetarian
>>>Likes the color purple

7th-Jul-2009 05:24 pm - Once Bad Always Bad

Name: Lee Seung Hyun / Lee Seung Ri
Age: 18
Actual Age: 
Race: Demon                 
Sex: Male
Height: 180                     
Weight: 60 kg

Favorite Color: Red, Black
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Classical
Favorite Food: Kimbap, Ramen, Dokbuki

Likes: shoes, music, dancing, driving, DJ, wine
Dislikes: stupid people, bald people, annoying people, cocky people

Occupations: University student Sophomore year (day) Barista (night)

Personalities: Seung Ri is known to most people as someone from the 4th Dimension because everything about him is awkward and strange. Occasionally friendly, Seung Ri would start a conversation if he decided it was needed. Seung Ri is very sensitive and observant. He sees death as a loss unless it was deserving to the victim. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Seung Ri choses to recognize the positive in everyone unless they ever happened to betray him, then...their lives are meaningless. Also Seung Ri is a very determined person; no matter what he will worked hard to gain whatever he seeks. Seung Ri does not do things without thinking, although in some case it looks like Seung Ri never cared about his action, but in fact he does. Seung Ri always have a purpose behind everything he does, even if it was eating a cupcake or punching someone in the nose.

Seung Ri has a strong temper; very much firey. It gives him a reason to think he has high blood pressure. When upset or pissed off, Seung Ri has a sollemn expression which appeared in obviousness. Seung Ri do not walk away from a fight and is capable of winning one, whether physically or verbally. Seung Ri also has a stubborn nature and will always find a way to bend the rule.

Seung Ri is often OCD about putting his possessions in places. He has a bad memory and sometimes can't quite remember where the restroom is or where he left his ipod last night. Seung Ri dislike people who makes stupid and unnessary remarks; also those who has low self esteem. Seung Ri is very direct when he feels the need to defend himself or make a statement. Though he is never disrespectful, even to his enemy. Seung Ri believed himself to be obedient. To Seung Ri, first impression is the most important when come to dealing with human. He based his opinion on his first impressions of the people he meets.

Seung Ri is unorthodox. He enjoyed being independent and dominant. His veins run red and he desires challenges whereever he may goes. Seung Ri lives for the moment and put himself first in acceptions for some important people in his life. He is always a predator not a prey. How his thoughts were form mostly based on what happened to him in the past.

History: Seung Ri remembered his death was during a war. In which everyone including himself were caught in a massacre. His death was a violent one that he occasionally gets nightmare even in his demon state. Seung Ri believes the reason he was a demon was because he did not receive a peaceful death.

The Demon's power of the seven deadly sins; able to become invisible. Seung Ri also learned he could maintain a bit of air bending, if he concentrate.

Human Appearance: Short, dark, black hair, that never seems to grow. Striking emerald eyes, that are hard to ignore when people meet him. Fit physigue with appropriate weight and height.

Demon Appearance: Seung Ri looks the same; even his eyes are still emerald like, except his skin changes to a shade much darker that resembled burnt flesh. He has a pair of maroon scaled like wings, that stretch like bats' wings. Although Seung Ri's wings have the size of his back, it held a tremendous strength that allows him to fly freely and as equal as his enemies and companions. Only in his demon state that Seung Ri hair does grow to a little extend and cover his forhead and sides.

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